“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”
- Scott Belsky

Augmented Reality


Moving pictures in newspapers, magazines, posters and billboards used to happen only in science fiction movies... not any more! We offer a new, interactive way of looking at the world. We provide an accessible, cost-effective platform for anyone who wants to include augmented reality (AR) content in their communications. Plain and simple, our effect on audiences and on customers is jaw dropping.


VR or Virtual Reality is rapidly growing in popularity among the biggest brands in the world and with it grows the demand for VR content. We offer end-to-end production for your next VR project whether it will be used as a presentation tool at your next tradeshow or as the highlight of your next marketing campaign. Case studies show that having a VR experience for your brand will significantly increase your presence at any event.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
iOS Apps


Apple platforms are sharing our mobile universe, bringing unique benefits to our clients. We are designing and developing mobile applications for iOS devices, and we are also working on other connected devices such as Apple Watch and TV apps... We are more than excited by the infinite opportunities that ApplePay or Apple's health kits are bringing to the game. We think it has never been so important to invest in the mobile ecosystem.


Having an Android app is like having a website. It is another marketing tool to promote your business or product, but when it comes to the design process it is completely different as features like touch screen or the amount of battery life consumed by the app all have to be taken into consideration. When producing the app we have to test them on all different systems so they are completely cross compatible from phones to tablets.

iOS Apps
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We've assembled a team of product whizzes, design masters and development geniuses. This is what it looks like when we let them do their thing.


Labinot Bajrami

CEO & Mobile Developer

Edmond Laja

CTO & Java Developer

Arbër Mulla

AR/VR & Java Developer

Alan Greenber


Endrit Toplica

Mobile Developer

Emin Emini

iOS Developer

Gramoz Hyseni

Mobile Developer

Art Thaçi

Web Developer

Alban Hoxha

Graphic Designer

Kron Krasniqi

UX/UI Designer